our cousine genuine local authentic


It’s the Mediterranean tradition,
a taste between sea and land, which amazes and flatters the palate among the majolica.

It’s the aroma of our horizon,
that light caress that reminds us that it's time to sit down at the table.

It is genuineness,
the essence of Rosmarino cuisine.

Opening time.
Dinner 19.30 - 22.30 / every day

The Rosmarino Terrace

Suspended on the greennery, with the view that plunges into the waters of our swimming pool and the gentle breeze of summer evenings that enjoys playing with your laughter. We like to dine like this, do you?

Taste experience

The suggestions of the Mediterranean scrub give shape to the soul of our kitchen, where the best chefs of the Ho Collection group rewrite the traces of a culinary journey to discover the flavors of our land. Fresh and light, in full Rosmarino style.

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Rosmarino - Cucina Mediterranea
Viale dei Pini s.n. presso I Turchesi Club Village
T. 099.843.10.31